Data Backup and Recovery

Snapmanager for Exchange


I am looking at some issues where the verification stage of the backup fails to run

The log fails with the following

[01:01:24.681]  The destination volume of the source Logical Disk H FlexClone State is Success and SnapMirror State is Unknown.

[01:01:31.681]  Mounting Snapshot [exchsnap__s-exchc_05-01-2014_01.00.21__daily] for LUN H created from Computer S-EXCHC

[01:01:31.681]  Using default mount point directory [C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for Exchange\SnapMgrMountPoint]

[01:01:32.196]  WARNING: Unable to get a valid mount point directory to mount snapshot.

[01:01:32.196]  SnapDrive failed to mount the snapshot.

This error is repeated for all LUNS

The backup runs fine up to that point . The local folder is accessible and there were no major issues prior to it failing .

Another server in the domain runs an identical job and runs fine .

We have rebooted the server . All storage is accessible and no errors appear in the event logs

We are using SNAP for Exchange


Any thoughts



Please check thoroughly Windows ACLs for the mountpoint - sometimes they can get quite messy & cause errors during verification.

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