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VALIDATE_VOLUMES in SC4.1P1 case sensitive


I want to test/check for VALIDATE_VOLUMES usage on our database but it seems that I'm unable because this parameter is "case sensitive".

On many of our servers we have storage NAME/IP pair defined in the host file with uppercase letters but when they're discovered from SC they have lowercase name so the checking on mounted filesystem fails.

The volumes are mounted correctly on the server but we get this kind of error:

SCF-0065:Volume [volname] on [STORAGE] is not included in the configuration file.

trying to put the name in uppercase on the configuration file did not solve the problem (at least I've tried but it still fails). It's possible to do the check on the storage name case insensitive?






Sadly from what I understand this is an ONTAP behavior.  If you type the commands at the controller command line you will have the same experience.

We haven't figured out a good way to address this yet, but I'll put in a RFE to see if we can't add some sort of checking.

I've encountered this as well.



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