Data Backup and Recovery

case NetApp Log # 2003465121-Burt and case NetApp Log # 2003456803


Is there a way to specify the SnapMirror target so SnapCreator does not have to query the source to discover it?

We have the same source and target volume names, which has exposed us to the BURT mentioned in the NetApp case LOG#2003465121. We have a globa config file with NTAP_SNAPMIRROR_UPDATE=Y. 

Can we specify the SnapMirror target for SnapCreator??



No there is not

SC will find all SM relationships automatically that exist for volume specified in SNAPMIRROR_VOLUMES and perform an update. If the relationships are using other interfaces then you would need to use SECONDARY_INTERFACES paramater to tell SC which interfaces maps the default interface so SC finds them.

If you want more control over this use SC with Protection Manager which allows you to specify whatever you want in dataset and SC can integrate with PM nicely.



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