Data Backup and Recovery

snapmanager for exchange volumes



I'm looking for guidance on volume creation for Snap manager for Exchange - primarily version 4.

When presenting luns to an Exchange server for the Storage Group locations, do you create one lun per volume or put all luns into one volume?

I'm clear on the need for seperate volumes for logs and snapinfo and that different storage groups(or individual databases) require their own luns.

The SME4 manual implies the use of one volume for all the Storage Groups/Database luns and one volume for all the logs and snapinfo luns, however having spoken with several guys who have been on the Netapp training courses they say that they were told to use one lun per volume for each storage group or database. So who do I believe, the manuals or the guys who have been told differently by the course instructors?

Hope this makes sense,




Here is the link for SME 5.0 best practice TR




Personal preference I would have one volume & LUN per storage group, and then a volume & LUN per logs for each of these. I would put snapinfo in with the LUN as it streamlines the backup process and you use less storage overall.

This gives you the flexibility to put different backup policies on each storage group, and also restore or recovery each group independently of eachother.

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