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Hello,I am using a simulator running 9.12.1P11 to test the new snapshot copy locking feature (without SnapLock). It works in general, however I've run more
Hello, I'm trying to display file permissions using rest-api. I have an old vserver and it does not work when SECD cannot resolve SID. It's fine using more
There is a field in the volume efficiencies called "auto-state" that does not seem to be accessible using standard PowerShell commands (Get-NcSis or G more
Hello,I am new to NetApp and the Simulator. I am running the simulator in Fusion on my Mac.  I worked through the Simulate ONTAP 9.7 Installation and more
   dear all  i can't  show volume or create when i finish install the simulation onTap 9.14 ova. 
I'm curious if anyone has tried to standup the sim on a Synology using DSM - Virtual Manager or Container Manager?
Hello, I want to manage ONTAP 9.12.1 network interface service-policies with PowerShell Toolkit 9.13.1.E.g. I want to add an IP address to the managem more
I recently update our NetApp PSTK from 9.8 to, and since the queries in my scripts are failing (see output below from 9.8 and 9.14).  OnTa more