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NetApp Knowledge Base Bags the CXone Expert KCS Award for 2024


2.png NetApp Knowledge Base won the CXone Expert KCS Award for 2024. This remarkable achievement marks the third consecutive year that our Knowledge Base has received a CXone Expert Customer Recognition Award, and this is our second win in the KCS Award category. We were named the winners in this category for our exceptional and relentless pursuit of excellence in Knowledge Management practices, solidifying our position as industry leaders in this field.


In 2020, we embarked on a transformative journey by implementing the Knowledge-Centered Services (KCSv6) methodology. This strategic decision aimed to enhance customer success through self-service by optimizing the creation, usage, and sharing of organizational knowledge. By relaunching our Knowledge Base (KB) site, we empowered our customers to find solutions independently while enabling our support teams to deliver exceptional service.


Our commitment to providing the best user experience led us to undertake a second redesign of the KB site in May 2023. This redesign focused on improving the Site Taxonomy and Hierarchy, making it even easier for our customers to navigate and access relevant information.  By harnessing the power of organizational knowledge, we reduced resolution times, empowered our customers to find answers independently, and enabled our support teams to focus on more complex issues.


This industry recognition reaffirms our commitment to continue providing exceptional support, while celebrating our success in implementing a mature KCS program.


Nice CXone Expert, an AI powered knowledge management solution company, held their third Customer Recognition Awards in April of 2024. These awards aim to honour and recognize customer innovations in the field of knowledge management. To know more about the innovations that led to NetApp receiving the KCS award, go to:

For a quick overview of our innovations from the past year, please watch this video:

 Also, don’t forget to visit NetApp’s Award winning knowledge management site: