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NetApp Support Site - Sep., Oct. and Nov. 2023 Releases


The weekly releases included the following features and enhancements. You may need to log on to see features:



  • Feature description: Various features and bug fixes launched.
  • Releases included: 
    • SSO- various updates
    • Firmware - Firmware download URL displayed for checksums, column resizing, add notice file
    • Elio - various updates
    • Order Status - fix for timeout error for large sales orders
    • Search - various updates
    • Contracts and Warranties - enable optional column system/host name for search results grid
    • Order Details - fix billing address country in export file, lockdown date column visibility display update
    • Dashboard - Quick links widget launched
    • User Registration - various updates
    • Knowledgebase taxonomy - updates to URLs on support site
    • Non-technical feedback - enable mandatory state field for Australia, Canada and USA
    • Tools - Lab on demand URL redirect and filter name change
    • Guide Me - Category and content ordering update
    • Header - updated Universal Navigation at top of site
    • Other - Broadcom URL update

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