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ONTAPI (ZAPI) to ONTAP REST API transformation


NetApp® ONTAPI (ZAPI) calls are NetApp’s proprietary APIs that are included with NetApp ONTAP® software to automate ONTAP data storage management tasks. Automation is a strategic imperative for most organizations. Today, organizations are looking to simplify, modernize, and standardize their approach to automation with industry-standard APIs. For this reason, NetApp decided to refocus on the REST (representational state transfer) API.


NetApp added support for an expansive REST API in the ONTAP 9.6 software release, and starting with ONTAP 9.7, new features and enhancements are available only through the ONTAP REST API for automation.


We have issued CPC-00410 End of Availability: ONTAPI which details the specific information pertaining to the move from ZAPI to REST APIs. The CPC contains a good bit of information, links to FAQs and instructions to assist current ZAPI users in making the transition.


Although the retirement of ZAPI, is months away, please ensure to review the provided information, determine your impact and implement plans to make the transition as seamless as possible. NetApp is here to help.


For additional information, read the FAQ on ONTAPI (ZAPI) to ONTAP REST API transformation.