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Creating new host with powershell




I am trying to copy the hosts I have in an E2860 to a new E5760.

I have extracted the information using get-nehost but am struggling with the format for the

new-nehost command

I get this error whether I use a variable or manually specify the value

new-nehost -Credential $NECred4 -SystemId 1 -name $name.name -Ports "20000025B50B003C" -HostType VmwTPGSALUA

New-NeHost : Cannot bind parameter 'Ports'. Cannot convert the "20000025B50B003C" value of type "System.String" to type "NetApp.PowerShell.TO.HostPortCreateRequest"


I get the same issue with hosttype.

The help page refers to the option as


-Ports [<List<HostPortCreateRequest>>]


But I have not found a way of doing this.


Has anyone done this and could give me an example of the correct syntax.



After checking with some folks, you would need to create the correct object type and pass that in as the argument for the -Ports parameter. Here's an example:


$hostport = New-object -TypeName NetApp.Powershell.TO.HostPortCreateRequest # Use this as the argument

$hostport | Get-Member # to see the list of members that you can set

$hostport.Port = “WWPN” # 20000025B50B003C


Do the same for the host type if the it is looking for the same object type.



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