EF/E-Series, SANtricity and Related Plug-ins

E-Series SANtricity Management Plug-ins for SANtricity Plug-in for VMware vCenter




I'm going to implement a two controllers E2800 dedicated for VEEAM backup repository via ISCSI and i've a few questions :


- The plug-in for vCenter is stilll recommended ? Can't download anything from the support website. All articles / videos/ KB that i've found seems not recent at all

- Each controller are accessible from a web based interface which is santricity system manager, is there a way as ONTAP to manage it as a cluster ?

- If you have any best practices for VEEAM for backup repository ? DDP or volume group ? How many volumes per controller ?


Thanks in advance for all your answers.



I found TR-4471 which discusses the best settings for Veeam and E-Series controllers including the E2800 controller.

Team NetApp


I found this article online.  It is a blog post and seems to be relevant.


To answer the questions as best i can.

1.  I don't know if that is needed sorry.

2. E-series uses SANtricity not OnTap so no.

3. that sounds like a question best asked of VEEAM since they are the ones that would need things set up.

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