EF/E-Series, SANtricity and Related Plug-ins

Scripting storage reports from E5560 using Powershell Toolkit


HI, I'm trying to automate creating a storage utilization report utilizing the powershell tool kit. So far I have not had any lucking finding a comandlet that will show allocated and free capacity in a storage group. I know at a high level I can just look at the Santricity management console and get Total, Unconfigured, Free and Configured numbers ut I was hoping to get alittle more granular than that for the reports. Has anyone had to do this and have any scripts they's be willing to share? 



A lot of the work has already been done using Grafana and Graphite along with Harvest.


Search on those terms here on the comminity pages for more details.




Unfortunately this is in a DoD environment and I can't find a signed Ceritificate of Networthiness for Grafana so I wouldn't be able to deploy this without a ton of red tape. I was hoping somebody figured out how to collect this info wit hthe toold NetApp already provides. 


The GUI has a performance page already.. Can that work?


I gotta believe that someone,some where in the DoD has already delpoyed Graphite and Graphana??





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