EF/E-Series, SANtricity and Related Plug-ins

Where is the "Problems area"


We have had a message appear "Volume Not On Preferred Path".  The diagnostic message says the following:


Are any Host Redundancy Lost problems being reported in the Problems area?


Where is this "Problems area"?  There is no reference to it in any GUI element that I can see and searching for it in the documentation yields no results?




hey @__mattb__ 


Usually when there is a critical failure you will get a notification in the main page, saying your storage array requires attention, and if you click there it will pop - up the recovery guru, which has the problems area were you'll get details about the ongoing issues affecting your array. 


I have one broken array at the time, so i can gladly share this screenshot with you 🙂


e5760-601-SANtricity-System-Manager (1).png

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