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Hello PS Gurus,


I have issue combining Invoke-NcSsh and Select-string. 


PS C:\Users\user1> Invoke-NcSsh "storage failover show -node $Node" |select-string "Takeover Enabled"           ( Select-string doesn't work)

Node: mars1
Partner Name: mars2
Node NVRAM ID: 18739555555
Partner NVRAM ID: 1874666666
Takeover Enabled: true
HA Mode: ha
Takeover Possible: true
Reason Takeover not Possible: -
Interconnect Up: true
Interconnect Links: RDMA Interconnect is up (Link 0 up (active), Link 1 up)
Interconnect Type: Infiniband ( Mellanox ConnectX )
State Description: Connected to mars2
Partner State: Up
Time Until Takeover: -
Reason Takeover not Possible by Partner: -
Auto Giveback Enabled: false
Check Partner Enabled: true
Takeover Detection Time (secs): 15
Takeover on Panic Enabled: true
Takeover on Reboot Enabled: true
Delay Before Auto Giveback (secs): 600
Hardware Assist Enabled: true


But when I put the output to a file and then pass it select-string it works.

Invoke-NcSsh "storage failover show -node $Node" >filer.txt

select-string "Takeover Enabled" filer.txt

filer.txt:9: Takeover Enabled: true


What am I doing wrong here? Thanks




Try this


Invoke-NcSsh "storage failover show -node $node"  | out-string -Stream | Select-String "Takeover Enabled"

                                               Takeover Enabled: true

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