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2012 R2 User Profile Disks


Hey guys,


Anyone got 2012 R2 user profile disks working with SMB3 on NetApp cDOT? I know it requires SMB3 but it doesn't seem to work when setting up on cDOT 😞


I've got a SMB3.0 enabled CIFS server, I know that it works as it is currently used for Hyper-V SMB 3.0

A share has been added for UPD, as a test I set everyone full for share and NTFS permissions

I go into server manager and add the share - making sure I use the CIFS server name rather than an alias (beleive this is a requirement for SMB3 to work)

Tried enabling and disabling "Enable continuous availability" just to check that option out


When adding I get 


Could not create the template VHD. Error Message: The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA).

Doing some research this is due to SMB3 support - lots of people say setup a full 2012 R2 share, which I can do via a LUN but i'd rather not if possible.


Is the NetApp CIFS compatible with 2012 R2 UPD's? Has anyone got this working?






Ok thanks for the information, time to make a design decision about the profile placement 🙂

Hello, trying to find the KB as stated in the resolution but it says could not be found


@yougotserv, the article has been added to the new KB site. I've updated the link in the solution above.

Community Manager \\ NetApp


Hello and thanks a lot !


I've submitted the request to the KB team to have this article added. I'll update the solution above with the new URL when available. I'll also notify you, @yougotserv when complete.

More info on the KB FAQ.

Community Manager \\ NetApp
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