Network and Storage Protocols

2040 CIFs maximums


I've been unable to find out what the maximum size of a single Cifs share is on a 2040? Also the number of individual files supported?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?




The maximum will not be per cifs share. It is much more per volume or directory and depending on the Ontap Version as well... Could you be more specific?


OnTap 7.3.x though could use 8.0.7 mode if required.

New file so can carve up as required.



the cifs limits of the fas2040 are:

Max nr. of connections = 44'000

Max nr. of shares = 88'000

Max nr. of share connections = 176'000

Max nr. of open files = 880'000

Max nr. of locked files = 970'112

Max nr. of locks = 1'940'224


So I can have a 4TB volume with a single CIFs share using all the space?

Though I don't think de-dupe will work beyond 2TB


If you run the System with 8.0.2, you can have the 4TB volume and dedupe it. So go for Ontap 8.


With Ontap 8.0.1 and beyond you can dedup up to 16TB.

Please refer to TR 3505


In 7.3.x you have the imitation of 99'998 directories per subdirectory, which has been lifted with Ontap 8.1.

Then depending on the size of the volume you have a setting of maximum inode entries (which can be adjusted with the "maxfiles" command)...

And the usual storage limits which a FAS2040 has... They can be found in the "System Configuration Guides" on NOW.

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