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CIFS Server Name different from Netapp Hostname


Customer has a Win2000 fileserver and wants to migrate the data to a CIFS share on the FAS2050C.

The FAS2050 has joined the NT4 domain and customer is able to define shares from the Miscrosoft MMC.

However, in the NT4 domain, it shows up with the FAS Hostname. Which is what we gave during cifs-setup.

My Query is:

Is it possible to have the CIFS name different from the FAS hostname?

If yes, what are the pros and cons of doing such a thing?

Is it a FAS level command change or a Windows Domain level configuration?

Pardon my ignorance, never worked on windows!!!

Also, for migration will

#robocopy \\source \\destination /DCOPY:T /COPYALL /MIR /S the trick for us ( robocopy version  XP026 to be installed on windows 2000)



This has been tested on Data ONTAP software release 7.3.2.

To change the CIFS share name, follow the steps below:

1. Login to the controler that you would like to have a different "Server Name" via the Web.

2. Select FilerView

3. Select CIFS

4. Select Configure

5. Select Options

6. Under NetBIOS Aliases, enter the names, seperated by commas that you would like to represent your Filer.

7. Once entered, select Apply

8. Login to the console and preform the following command: "cifs nbalias load"

You should now be able to see all shares of the filer when using any of the names entered



If you go down the netbios name / DNS route, make sure your old fileserver is removed from the domain entirely and not just change its ip address etc. once data is migrated otherwise your clients will not point to the filer.

Of course the cost option is multistore...

Further to the above question, is it possible to host multiple CIFS server names from the same NSeries system - without using addon products such as VFM.  I usually use DNS CNAMEs to redirect old windows file servers, but in this specific case it cannot be done.

I'm pretty sure the answer is no, I will need VFM but I just wanted to make sure there wasn't another way I haven't thought of.

I would like to keep all data in the same volume (for dedupe reasons), and there will be multiple server names which all have the same shares, i.e:





thank you,


Unless you can do something groovy with DNS aliases, I think this probably is a VFM job...


To answer the questions.....

  • Sure -- completely possible to have them be different.
  • Cons are mainly just your own sanity in remember what is what.
  • To change the FAS hostname, just run through the "setup" script gain. To change the CIFS name, run through "cifs setup" again (both on the console).
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