Network and Storage Protocols

CIFS Share no write acess but can read


Hey Techies ,


I have created a cifs share with default permission  of user/group -Everyone with FUll control . but then i see that i can access the folder but unable to write anything in the folder . Volume 's security style is mixed type.


Deets -

Created a vol1 of mixed security-style

Created a export-policy rules and applied to the vol1

Created a cifs share on vol1 , and created ACL's on it .

I am not able to understand where i am going wrong .because vol1 is accessible but unable to write.


Can someone help me here to get this fixed .

I am using -NetApp Release 9.8RC1 


Thanks in advance




What kind of client is trying to access this? If it's strictly Windows/CIFS, you don't need an export policy on the volume at all, and ideally would want NTFS file system rather than mixed.


Few useful links maybe.


CIFS Express Configuration Guide ( Just Windows/CIFS clients)


MultiProtocol Express Configuration Guide


I need both type of client to access this share 


This also depends on if you are attempting to mount it on a Linux client or access through an NTFS client.


See the following for failures in Linux clients.


For additional information on CIFS shares and multi-client access.



Sorry about that, I have sent an incorrect link. However @DarrenJ has sent you some helpful links concerning configuration that may be of use as well.



You may also find this helpful:




What ACLs did you set up on it?


Also, when you attempt to write, what is the failure message and secd output? (example for secd output after a failed attempt ::>event log show -event *secd*)


I ran this command - " vserver sectrace trace-result show " and below is the error if you could help here ?


Access is denied by UNIX
permissions while creating
the directory. Access is not
granted for: "Synchronize",
"Read Control", "Read
Attributes", "Execute", "Read
EA", "Append", "Read"



When i attempt to write its says" you need permission for this action"





Not sure what your export-policy looks like, but did you verify these settings?  (These are sample settings below)  

  • Read-only access: To clients using NTLM or Kerberos authentication
  • Read-write access: To clients using Kerberos authentication


mixed is a must?


Is there any other way that both CIFS and NFS clients can access same share ?


as @aladd  said... name mapping and set it to NTFS or UNIX depending from where the majority of the users connect


You can have both access the same share. it may be necessary to implement name mapping to do so.


You can reference the guide that was mentioned earlier:


Can you specify the ACLs you set up earlier?

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