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CIFS Shares Issue


I have a FAS2554 running 8.3P1 Cluster Mode and am runing into the following problem.


Whenever I try to modify permissions on sub folders in Windows Explorer, I get the following error:


The program cannot open the required dialog box because it cannot determine whether the computer named "IPADDRESS" is joined to a domain. Close this message and try again.


Then a second box pops up:


Unable to display the user selection dialog. The remote procedure call failed.


We are running Server 2012R2, have already ran through CIFS Setup and it is seeing our kerberos, ms_ldap, ms_dc and showing our FQDN.


Has anyone else seen this before?



Hi @Ken28562


Can you please send me the output of the below commands.


vserver cifs domain discovered-servers show

vserver cifs show -instance

Vserver cifs share show <share name>




vserver cifs domain discovered-servers show:


All Kerberos showing undetermined

2/4 MS-LDAP showing unreachable

2/4 MS-LDAP showing undetermined

2/4 MS-DC showing ok

1/4 MS-DC showing unreachable

1/4 MS-DC showing undetermined


vserver cifs show -instance


Vserver: XX-XX-nas-01

CIFS Server NetBIOS Name: SAME AS Vserver

NetBIOS Domain/Workgroup Name: XXXXX


Default Site Used: BLANK

Auth Style: domain

CIFS Server Admin Status: up

Description: BLANK

List of NetBIOS Alias: BLANK




We're having this issue too, were you able to find a resolution?

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