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Network and Storage Protocols

Cannot connect to DNS server over NBSS socket for port 139


hi All,

i see the below error message on the filer.

[NAS02:nbt.nbss.socketError:error]: NBT: Cannot connect to server over NBSS socket for port 139. Error 0x41: No route to host.

i see the filer can ping both the DNS servers.

did any one had same type of issue wrt DNS server connection ?

thanks in advance



That error indicates a NetBIOS over TCP/IP connection problem. The filer is trying to connect via CIFS so the address should be running Windows/Samba or something similar.

Can you ping from the filer's console to Is it running Windows file sharing? Is there a firewall blocking ports 135-139 or 445 (all used for Windows file sharing in various ways)?

This error has nothing to do with DNS.


139 is a CIFS port, DNS operates off TCP/UDP 53. Is a windows server?


Any followup to this?

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