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Cannot delete folder on filer


Hi All,

A very good day to all of you. I have been trouble by this problem for a while. An empty folder in the filer that need to be deleted, no matter what, it cannot be deleted. the folder keep prompting that the folder is in use by a user or another program. But the actual facts is that there is no connection to the folders and the folder ACL has been removed, except the administrators.

Any suggestion for a solution to the problem will be most appreicated. Thank you.



I have folders that is shared out in windows and that prevent the folder been deleted. Once remove the share of the user home folder, it resolved the problem.

Also, the Qtree also prevent the folder from deleted. Need to be remove the folder from the NetApps web administration interface.

Thanks for all the advise.


If there is a cifs share set on that folder, it can't be deleted until that share is removed.  That hit me a few times over the years.

I don't know if that's the case here, but it's something to check.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for the inputs! It just give me a hint. I need to check with the storage engineer. That folder that I am attempting to remove might just be a Qtree. Thanks guys! You have been a great help.

Good Day,



Hi ,

Please check this KB and there is a solution for the same symptom





Thanks for the reply. But it seem like my limited access does not allow me access to the link that you have posted. Can by any chance you can post the solutions here. Thanks.



Please check the cifs sessions *  for the user who locked this. You need to terminate (cifs terminate host) the connection for that particular host before

deleting the folder but terminate the session for the host will kill the CIFS session to that host.



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