Network and Storage Protocols

Citrix XenServer 6.5 - cDOT 8.3.2


Has anyone deployed ISCSI LUN's for Citrix XenServer 6.5.


Network connectivity questions I have:


  • NetApp has LACP accross two switches providing with a0a interface, this will have two VLANs adding to it.
  • XenServer has two nics one connecting to each switch, each nic having one of the 2 VLANs on it.

Looks like should work fine if we both VLANs on the node hosting the LUN, but not sure this is best way to doit.


In XenServer managment console can only add IP address for discovering ISCSI portals, no way of editing the actual seesions from what I see.







Please refer the sections Configuring a NetApp VIF on page 16, Discovering and Adding Storage Controllers on page 87 in the following TR:

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I have seenthis doc but there is no software downlaod for "VSC for XenServer" only VSC for VMware so its of little help.



I know there used to be a VSC plugin for XenServer long time ago, but certainly not on netapp downlaod list now, any references I can find to it on web are several years old.


I cant find it on NetApp IMT either so means not supported even if could get a copy of it.




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