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Deleating volume in Provisioning\Protection Manager


Hi - I am trying to figure out how to restore a deleted volume in Provisioning manager. When you try to restore to its original location, PM fails as it tries to look for a deleted volume.

As a workaround I manually created a volume on the Filer with same name. Started a restore from PM.  Restore worked fine but PM doesn’t pick up manually created volume as a result any protection policies didn't work on manually created volume.

I then manually created a SM relationship for restored volume and import into DS.

Is this right method to restore volume and import into Dataset or is there another straight forward method?



Hi Muhammad,

                     I am not clear on the scenario.Let me see if I understood it correctly.

You have a dataset with Mirror policy.

As below.

C:\>dfpm dataset list -m 214

Id         Node Name            Dataset Id Dataset Name         Member Type                                        Name

---------- -------------------- ---------- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

       215 Primary data                  214 NfsOnly              volume                                             sim1:/SourceOnly

       220 Mirror                            214 NfsOnly              volume                                             sim2:/MirrorData


Your primary is deleted, in the filer

Now you are trying to backup from Mirror node.

Is this correct ?

BTW what is the output of dfpm dataset list -m <dsid>  now when the primary is deleted.




Hi Adai, Thanks for a quick response.

Protection Policy is "Mirror then Backup". VSM source is deleted now I am trying to restore from a VSM destination using PM restore.

#dfpm dataset list

Id         Name                        Policy                      Provisioning Policy Storage Service

---------- --------------------------- --------------------------- ------------------- ---------------

      1073 test_DS1                    VSM then SV                 test_policy1

Adai, any thoughts on this?


Problem with above procedure is when you create a manual SM relation it has to rebaseline.

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