Network and Storage Protocols

Difference between Lun Masking and Lun Mapping


My understanding about Lun Masking is making a LUN visible to a igroup so that all the initiators inside igroup will be able to a access/View the LUN on their corresponding HBA. Then what is LUN mapping? Is it assigning a LUN ID to a LUN so that a host can use the LUN ID to differentiate the LUN from other LUNs?





In a single line LUN mappingg is how the lins you are allowing to see through the front end ports and LUN masking is the LUN you are allowing to see a particular host or host group.


kris, yes, you are right. masking is adding to igroup, mapping is assigning lun id.

Although most people tend to call the whole process of masking and mapping "mapping" so dont be too harsh with them

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