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Network and Storage Protocols

Fraction Reserve is set to 100% in NFS volume, any impact?


If a volume for NFS export and it's F.R is set to 100%, are there any impacts on the volume? 

As I understand F.R. is only useful in volume with LUN.


If no useful in NFS volume, do I have to change it to 0%, can I just leave as 100%





I have experienced capacity impact, when using NFS VAAI.

Note that the lazy,eager zeroed VMDK format usecase.


FR is irrelevant for NAS only volume - its value is not used in this case.


Right. Understood. NFS volume doesn't use F.R.


Should I change or any reasons to change the volue to 0%? since all being set to 100% here


100% had always been default. There is no reason to change it.

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