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Network and Storage Protocols

Is there a full list of "NA_element"?


see subject.



Hi Jinaz,

Can you kind elaborate the question above?

Are you looking of the list of methods and variables under Na_Element class?

Also, please specify the programming language you are using.


hi, Sens,

     thanks.  Yes, we're looking for the full list of methods and all its children, below info is quoted from my partner:


We are using Java, in the following example, quota-list-entries
is a NaElement, quota-entries is it’s child,


I need to know the complete list of NaElement (such as
quota-list-entries) and list of it’s children.

NaElementquotaElem= new NaElement(“quota-list-entries”);


NaElementout = s->invokeElem(quotaElem);


List quotaList= quota_data.getChildren();


best regards,

Zhou Jian


There is a sample code that demonstrates how to list quota entries using quota-list-entries API. You can find the sample code in NMSDK bundle  under src/sample/Data_ONTAP/Java/quotalist/

If you are specifically looking for full list of NaElement methods and its usage, then you can find the javadoc in NMSDK bundle  under doc/javadoc.

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