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Network and Storage Protocols

Is there somewhere a list with description/explanation of the /etc/ files?


Would like a list with a description/explanation of the /etc/ files - do you know if there is a such?

What I'm looking for is something that would e.g. explain something like:


/etc/rc - The /etc/rc file contains commands that the storage system executes at boot time to configure the system. Commands in the /etc/rc file configure the storage system to:

- Communicate on your network

- Use the NIS and DNS services

- Save the core dump that might exist if the storage system panicked before it was booted


I can of course begin to dig out the information from NOW, sysadmin guide etc., but would safe a LOT of time if such a list already exist.



Stephen C. Losen answered offline:

Section 5 of the netapp man pages documents many files in /etc.

Section 5 is located in /vol/vol0/etc/man/man5 so if you list

this directory, you'll see which files have man pages.

For example /vol/vol0/etc/man/man5/na_rc.5 is the man page for

/etc/rc and you can view it with

man na_rc

Many thanks to Stephen!

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