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Migrate CIFS share from Netapp Filer to Windows File Server


I have an older Netapp FAS3020 with several file shares. I would like to migrate the data to a Window Server running the File Service. The key is to maintain ownership and NTFS permissions during the copy. For example here is one of the UNC paths for a staff members home directory:


The user Active Directory user, Scott Towels, has full control over the folder TowelsS and all files/folder contained therein. How can I do this copy?



Your best solution for this would be to use something like RoboCopy.


Well, I do not have a newer Netapp to migrate it to. What I do have is some new storage that is strictly SAN, no NAS thus the need to front end it with a Windows File Server. I have played around with Robocopy including using several different types of command line switches. I could never get a folder full of files to copy while retaining things like ownership and NTFS rights. Is there some way to get Robocopy to work between a Netapp Filer and a Windows File Server and maintain these attributes?


robocopy source dest /E /ZB /COPYALL  /R:1 /W:1 /MT:10

to get the first load over and then

robocopy source dest /E /ZB /COPYALL  /R:1 /W:1 /MT:10 /MIR

until the cutover

This is a very simplified version, which you can extend to fit your specific needs. Be careful with /PURGE and /MIR options!

Hope this helps,



No, your best solution would be to migrate the data to a newer NetApp...


You are correct on that one. I was half asleep when I wrote that and was just trying to be actually helpful.

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