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We are currently wanting to move our ops manager setup from one server to another, but havent found any documentation on hwo to go about doing this. Has anyone ever done this before or have any insight on the best way to go about doing this without losing our preexisting data, config, etc already in ops manager?




Just to chime in as well.....have done this several times with zero issues.

  1. Install Ops Mgr on the new server and don't configure it.
  2. Do a manual backup on the old Ops Mgr server and shut it down (or disable the services).
  3. Copy the backup over to the new server and restore.
  4. Verify everything looks happy in Ops Mgr.



Is there any process change if dfm database db directory and databaseBackupDir is actually the network path on the server from where we we are moving from.  This network paths will be available on the new server as well.

Any changes to do on the new server (set dbdir etc) before we do restore or let it restore at default location?




What platform and protocol is involved?



We are running on linux platform and dfm db directory and databasebackup dir is NFS path on the server.


Once you have the new DFM server installed, you can backup your existing DB and restore it to the new DFM instance....

This is a snip from the Operations Manager Administration's available from the NOW site for downloads.

Restoring the database from the archive-based backup

You can restore the DataFabric Manager database on the same system. You could specify the absolute

path for the backup

file using the dfm backup restore command.



Copy the backup file into the databaseBackupDir directory.


Type the following command at the command line: dfm backup restore <backup_name>

backup_name is the name of the

file to which you saved your DataFabric Manager database.


Completed restoremessage is displayed when the restore process finishes successfully


we've done this:

- backup the dfm database

- install dfm on new box

- restore dfm database

About four commands; took about 30 minutes during which we weren't monitoring anything, which was OK for us.

And make sure the new host can actually reach the filer on all the ports it needs

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