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NAS solution , fast read & write speed for heavy image data


We'd like to have a new storage , SAN/NAS .....NAS will be in extensive use of usable capacity "100 TB"

We have a file which are no less then 2 GB & less then 150 GB , need excellent read/write speed.

Note: We have gigabit network & have this setup & requirement.

client: windows

protocol will be using: CIFS

Domain: GIS company

data: big images, 2 GB to 90GB

Requirment: Fast acceptability to Image files from application like ERDAS & ArcGIS

Usable capacity: 100 TB

disk: SATA

Add ons: NFS, FCP, http, iscsi,

Which series you will recommend ???



The valid question nobody's asking:

How fast do you need to go? "Fast" is a very relative term. "Big" is another very relative term.

What is fast for your application translated to I/O terms?


MB/s read?

MB/s write?




I have worked in Medical imaging industry, If budget is not a constrain; I would recommend FAS6XXX series along with SAS disks, else FAS2XXX or FAS3XXX would be sufficient, but I strongly recommend SAS disks and as IOPS for SATA wouldn’t be sufficient serving your needs.





The new FAS22XX (newer hardware with enhanced performance) & FAS3xxx series should be sufficient for what you are trying to do. You have the choice of SAS, FC & SATA disk drives (SAS & FC have higher RPM). You may also leverage PAM cards for flash.



Note that FAS2240 doesn't support FlashCache (PAM) which sounds like it could be very useful in this case.


This what I have found in netapp website, would you please clarify??

Flash Cache speeds access to data through intelligent caching of recently read user data and NetApp metadata in the storage controller.

  • Increase I/O throughput by up to 75%[1]
  • Use up to 75% fewer disk drives without compromising performance[2]
  • Increase e-mail users by up to 67% without adding disk drives[3]


Flash Cache is a hardware option which improves I/O performance. You are specifically asking about how to maximize performance, therefore you might want Flash Cache. The FAS2240 series doesn't support Flash Cache therefore you should not purchase one of these if you want Flash Cache.

Edit: FAS2240 does support the new Flash Pool feature which is also designed to improve I/O performance so that may be acceptable for your requirements.

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