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NFS shared volume fine but permission denied when access


We are running on 8.2.3P4 7-Mode FAS2554.


We tried to shared a volume /vol/BKP_engnfs as below in /etc/exportfs :


/vol/BKP_engnfs -sec=sys,rw,root=<ipaddress>


We are able to mount from the linux client without issue.


mount filer:/vol/BKP_engnfs /engnfs2


However when we cd /engnfs2, we get permission denied.


Any idea what is missing?


We have this shared in our old 7.2.3 7-Mode FAS2020, without issue.



Consider close.


It's weird wafl.default_security_style is already set to unix 

However the volume get set to nfts.


Have to check the qtree permission setting correctly. Change it to unix or ntfs accordingly.




qtree security /vol/[vol_name] unix


qtree security /vol/[vol_name] ntfs


hope this help




The first thing i'd check is the security style of the volume. EG


controller1> vfiler run vfiler1 qtree status


Check that the volume and any qtrees within the volume have the security type of "unix".

By default they will inherit the security style of the vfiler.

If they are set to ntfs then change the volume and qtree security style to unix. EG


controller1> vfiler run vfiler1 qtree security /vol/vol1 unix
controller1> vfiler run vfiler1 qtree security /vol/vol1/qtree1 unix


Hope that helps



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