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NFS with Windows Server


Hey guys,

we want to connect a WindowsServer 2019 with a nfs-share. We can see the nfs-share within the WindowsServer. But we have no write-access to it. We are not sure wich parameter we should set, to get write access. 

Also tried to create a volume with security-Style ntfs instead of unix wasn't helpful. Seems that a minimal configuration error is stopping us. Is someone able to help? Want to store backupdata for Commvault (mediaagent) there, which cannot be backuped by IntelliSnap. 

Marcel & Philip



Why can't you use SMB for this?


If you require Windows NFS, you'd need to enable the export policy rule to allow writes.


I cover Windows NFS here in TR-4067:

Hey parisi

Thanks. The TR doesnt face configuration of netapp Volumes. Should I use ntfs security style? Should ist use usermapping?

We Export and check all.


Philip Sonntag | ACP IT Solutions AG |


Security style just covers how you want to handle permissions.


If you want UNIX perms, use UNIX security style. NFS users will use a UID/GID to gain access based on how you set the volume permissions.


If you want Windows perms, use NTFS. Then the user will need to map to a valid Windows user.


This blog also covers it.

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