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NetApp Fas3140 and DNS


Hi all,

i have a NetApp FAS3140, and i am quite new of this environment.

I am in charge of upgrading my only Domain Controller and DNS from Windows 2003 R2 to Windows 2012 R2.

The DC is an additional DC in a 2003 R2 AD Domain.

My first step is to install a second DC/DNS, then change pointments of NetApp to this DNS.

Second step is to install a second DC/DNS and pointng again NetApp to this.


1) where is to be done the setting for changing the DNS in NetAPP?

I am aware of \\%name of the controller%\%sharename%\resolv.conf file to be edited by hand: any other setting to be done?

2) May i change DNS in NEtApp without restarting controllers?

3) Any impact changing DNS on NetApp?

Thanks in advance to all




anyone else has some experience related to that?



This is what I have done on sim box, hope it helps. (8.2.1 7m)

ontap3> rdfile /etc/resolv.conf

#Auto-generated by setup Thu Jun 19 12:30:43 GMT 2014



ontap3> wrfile /etc/resolv.conf

#Auto-generated by setup Thu Jun 19 12:30:43 GMT 2014


read: error reading standard input: Interrupted system call

ontap3> dns info

DNS is enabled

DNS caching is enabled

2 cache hits

3 cache misses

0 cache entries

1 expired entry

1 cache replacement

IP Address                                     State   Last Polled                  Avg RTT Calls  Errs

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                 NO INFO                                    0     0     0

Default domain: san.intra

Search domains: san.intra

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