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Removes file from snapshots (from previous version)


Hi There,

Got this situation: a sensitive file was left  on a share accessible to anyone in the company. I don't know for how long, but we keep our monthly snapshots for 180 days, so let's assume the worst.

My question is, how do I erase this file from the snapshots, so the users cannot recover the file via previous versions?

Kind regards,

Rogier Burlage



Ah well, maybe in the future NetApp will provide a solution (like blocking access to the file I'm thinking).


The snapshot is always read-only, you can't modify the snpashot file. you have only option to delete the snapshot not the single file of snapshot.




There is no way to remove single file from snapshot. You can only remove whole snapshot.


it's a vFiler with CIFS shares with almost 3TB dataspace (after dedub), kinda annoying removing snapshots and the possibility for users to restore previous versions. Guess I need to make a clone of the volume and switch it with the current volume (so I can still access the snapshots of the original volume in case a restore is needed).  

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