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SnapVault for vFiler/CIFS Share


Hello guys,

I'm new here in this community and I'm very happy with our NetApp infrastructure. We have a FAS2240-2 and a FAS2220. On our primary storage I've created a LUN with Qtrees and made it available via CIFS für my Windows hosts. I also enabled the snapshot functionality on this LUN. Now I want to make weekly backups with a specific retention time to our backup storage. I'm already working with SnapManager for Exchange/SQL and I'm backing up our datastores of VMware with SV-SMVI.

How can I backup my data on the volume which is mounted in a vfiler?!

Thank you very much.

Best regards




it's not quite clear how you created the CIFS. in the first post you've said that you created a LUN, but later you said that you created a share directly on the filer.

so I assume you have created a share directly on a Netapp volume or qtree and this is on 7-Mode and not cDOT.

do you use OnCommand Unified Manager (DFM)/Protection Manager for the Snapmanager Exchange/SQL Snapvault updates?

if yes, then you can create a new dataset and a policy there and just add the CIFS volumes into the dataset. it then will

create the destination snapvault volume and the snapshots as of the policy.

if you don't have it, then the easiest way to create a Snapvault relationship for a volume is with System Manager.


Here is the guide on how to setup a SnapVault relationship on Data OnTap Cluster Mode:

Here is a guide on how to setup a SnapVault relationship on Data OnTap 7-mode:

If you have any further questions or get stuck please let us know.


Nicholas Lee Fagan


Hello Nicholas,

thank you for your reply. The problem is, that I don't have SnapDrive used for this volume. We have a Windows Server for DFS and I'm targeting directly to the exported CIFS share on the filer. So the solution with SnapDrive will not work for me.

Thank you and best regards



You could use the XCOPY command in a batch script setup on a task schedule on the Windows Server. Just an idea.


Nicholas Fagan


No, that's not the solution I'm looking for. Are there no possibilities to solve this via SnapVault or something else? Becaus I want to have on my secondary storage a backup like with SnapManager for Exchange/SQL.

Best regards


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