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Storage VMotion performance?


Hi all,

Can you share your experiences regarding the impact of Storage VMotion operation on a NetApp filer?

The environment:

- FAS2050, ONTAP 7.3.4

- vSphere 4.1

- both source and destination datastores are NFS mounts (with plenty of free space) and sit in the same aggregate (with plenty of free space)

When I am moving a single 17GB VM the filer is literally maxed out and I mean it - CPU hits 100% & CP time is 50% to 100%! All operation takes about 20 minutes & there is definitely nothing else going on on the filer - after vMotion completes CPU utilisation immediately comes back to 0-1%.

I have checked fragmentation of a source volume & reallocate measure output says 2, so this is not the culprit I reckon.

Can anything be improved or is it just how Storage VMotion works?

Kind regards,




Dear Radek ;

i highly recommened to switch your nfs dataStore to Iscsi san LUN

iam using FAS 2020 and i never seen storage vmotion problem before even if with large VMs ...

keep me intouch with you...

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