Network and Storage Protocols

Syslog maintenance


Where can I find the syslog log file...If it is there what are the settings I have to go through to enable the creation of syslog and what is its format????



Syslog file is at /etc/syslog.conf (cifs share will be \\filername\etc$\syslog.conf)

Have a look at this KB, explains how to setup syslog.

or do you mean the messages file?

You might want to have a look at /etc/messages if you are after a general record of what the filer has been up to recently.


In our environment ,we are not able to view the latest syslog messages as well  ie : cant view messages ,however can easily view messages.0 nad messages.1 files ..


You are using back slashes: rdfile \etc\messages

You need to use forward slashes: rdfile /etc/messages

try following:

rdfile /vol/vol0/etc/messages

you have to give path to the message file, if multiple vfilers running then replace vol0 with the path to the vfiler root.

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