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Network and Storage Protocols

Target port not logged in state ?


we are using 4 target port and HA pair in SAN environment.

some of the Target port  not logged in state. kindly look at below output

This below igroup two initiator logged in state but each having single target renaming ( 1d, 1a) not showing.

CHNVSNNASA001> igroup show -v CHNSCRMDB01


        OS Type: linux

        Member: 21:00:00:1b:32:88:82:b7 (logged in on: 1c, vtic)

        Member: 21:00:00:1b:32:88:3c:af (logged in on: 1b, vtic)

        UUID: 5b888390-bb4e-11de-b32b-00a0980cfbaf

This below igroup two initiator logged in state but one having single target renaming 1c not showing.

CHNVSNNASA001> igroup show -v CHNSCRMDB02


        OS Type: linux

        Member: 21:00:00:1b:32:88:85:bc (logged in on: 1a, vtic)

        Member: 21:00:00:1b:32:88:38:be (logged in on: 1d, 1b, vtic)

        UUID: de7239b0-bb4c-11de-b32b-00a0980cfbaf

we verified all target ports are online and  zoning part also verified fine only.

can any one explain exact issue?

still host having path failure.



Hello ,

Use lun unmap command to unmap the lun  & remap it again through lum map  /vol/volumename/qtree/lun. If  does not work try to reboot the server.





this could be production environment. so we cant able reboot and also not possible to unmap , remap LUN.

so kindly provide alternative way......


what fibre switch are using? how are the zones configured?


brocade switch, 4 target and single initiator with zone and single cfg

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