Network and Storage Protocols

XCP 1.7 hangs when creating index



I have tried scanning a source share for an NFS export without options and it works without problems. However if I try creating an index like this:


scan -loglevel DEBUG -newid scanindex1 source.nfs.server:/share

it progresses until some point (usually somewhere around 400K and then just endlessly loops through retries


404,246 scanned, 14 retries, 77.4 MiB in (0/s), 3.28 MiB out (0/s), 1m12s


Every once in a while a message like this appears


xcp: Reopener (19128 isChild False) ' tcp 2049 nfs3 c0': WARNING: reconnecting... 22 pending requests
xcp: Reopener (19128 isChild False) ' tcp 2049 nfs3 c0': WARNING: reconnected in 0.030s after 1 try during 0s


The address is the server where the catalog share resides and also the target storage FAS8300. I can mount the catalogue share and I also see that my catalog ID is created there with all kinds of files but they are all empty.


Can anyone help me with this. It also happens when I try to copy and it makes the XCP tool unfortunately completely unusable. I used the old version 1.4 before without any problems, but this new version appears to work differently.


Thanks in advance



Was memory utilization ok  on the host, when it hangs ?

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