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access denied when map a CIFS share


the question maybe a basic one, but could not figure it out myself. Please see the following

"share1" is the share I created, and everyone has the full access. The filer has been setup in a domain controller. from window site,  I don't have the problem to access "netapp" share, but why I can not access "share1"? Please help  me out.

nas1> cifs shares

Name         Mount Point                       Description

----         -----------                       -----------

ETC$         /etc                              Remote Administration

                        BUILTIN\Administrators / Full Control

C$           /                                 Remote Administration

                        BUILTIN\Administrators / Full Control

                        root / Full Control

netapp       /vol/test1/home

                        everyone / Full Control

share1       /vol/testvol_dest

                        everyone / Full Control



Can you please share the error what you are getting and the out put of     nas1> vol status testvol_dest  &  nas1 > vol options testvol_dest 


  the following error on my laptop where I am trying to map the share, it's kind of missleading. the first, it shows me access denied, then it shows me the following message, after I tried more than one times:

nas1> vol status testvol_dest

         Volume State           Status            Options

   testvol_dest online          raid_dp, flex     nosnap=on, snapmirrored=on,

                                snapmirrored      create_ucode=on,

                                read-only         maxdirsize=31457,


                Containing aggregate: 'aggr1'

nas1> vol options testvol_dest

nosnap=on, nosnapdir=off, minra=off, no_atime_update=off, nvfail=off,

ignore_inconsistent=off, snapmirrored=on, create_ucode=on,

convert_ucode=off, maxdirsize=31457, schedsnapname=ordinal,

fs_size_fixed=on, compression=off, guarantee=volume, svo_enable=off,

svo_checksum=off, svo_allow_rman=off, svo_reject_errors=off,

no_i2p=off, fractional_reserve=100, extent=off, try_first=volume_grow,

read_realloc=off, snapshot_clone_dependency=off


Hi netappmagic ,

I am curious to know from the vol status output  that why you need to create a share on read only volume (snapmirrored )  ?

Might be this is reason you are not able to access the share     correct me if  i  am wrong  .I never tried making share on snapmirror dest volume



After I create a brand new volume. It works now. You are absolutely right, I should not use that volume. Thanks a lot!

now, I have a follow-up question.

I can log into the share by using the ID and password on the NAS storage. What should I do to use one of DC ID's to log into it? since this NAS has already been included in the DC domain, If I use a DC id, I am getting the same error window as shown in my early message. This share has FULL CONTROL to EVERYONE.


Hi netappmagic ,

I am not getting what do you mean by log into the share ?  Can you explain it better     or if you have screenshot for the share login . 




cifsshare    /vol/cifstest

                        everyone / Full Control


Hi netappmagic ,

1) Qtree =quota tree  . Its a logical partition inside the volume used to provide quota management . Used in IPSAN enviornment to hold the lun  . A volume can have multiple qtree's to hold multiple lun  .Also used in NAS enviornment to provide storage to multiple shares .

Structure -  /vol/volumename/qtree

2) Share is created in NAS enviornment for accessing the share resources to whom having appropriate rights

hope this can explain


Well netappmagic,

You may wish double check your access right.

Good luck



please let me know where and how can I check "access right"?

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