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difference between the permissions at shared drive and folder level




Can somebody share the difference between the permissions provided at the filer shared drive and folder level permissions.


for example, if we have a security group "LT-APP" which have around 50 people with full control permissions. what will be the difference, if we add the security group in the cifs shares drive with the command "cifs access" and adding the same security group at the shared drive folder level properties.







For a user logged in locally and accessing the files directly through the local filesystem, the share permissions don't matter.  If you're accessing the files through a share, then the share permissions apply first, then the NTFS permissions apply, so it's cumulative. With NTFS permission set to deny, user wont have access to the folder at all.

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Hi Sahana,


Thanks for your response.

Let's have a example ..we created a shared drive and below are the two scenerio's.


1)filer level shared drive provided full control for the security group at shared drive level and at folder level, it's left as it is.

2)shared drive provided everyone full control and at folder level, security group added to the folder with full control access.


what differs in the above two scenerio's.


thanks in advance.

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