Network and Storage Protocols

how to configure symbolic links for cifs shares



We have the following situation:

-1 vol named z_test

-2 qtrees_



z_test        mixed enabled  normal

z_test   q_test   mixed enabled  normal

z_test   zq_test  mixed enabled  normal

- Inside q_test I would like to create a symbolink link to zq_test, for example:

/vol/z_test/q_test/sym_link -> /vol/z_test/zq_test

So CIFS users can follow it and see its content:

[root@domtest zq_test]# ls

hola  test

I have configured on the filer (8.2.1 7-Mode) the following:

cifs.symlinks.enable         on

vol_z    /vol/z_test
         ... strict symlink security disabled
                    everyone / Full Control
zq_test  /vol/z_test/zq_test
         ... strict symlink security disabled
                    everyone / Full Control

filer>  rdfile  /etc/symlink.translations

Map /z_test/q_test/zq_test/* /vol/z_test/zq_test/*

Widelink /z_test/q_test/zq_test/* \\filer\zq_test\*

But I cannot access zq_test through the symbolic link inside q_test, there is nothing inside it.

Any thoughts?

Thank you and regards,



We have done similar to this, however we also have a CIFS share for /vol/z_test/q_test with the "widelinks" option enabled.

try this cifs shares -change -symlink_strict_security


have you had any luck?  i've been trying to test the same scenario on my filers, but with little success.

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