Network and Storage Protocols

permission denied change into nfs mount


I have never seen this before, when I try to change to the foldder for exmaple /mnt/volumename  it gives me permission denived even as root

This is a brand new volume on the netapp, and I can mount it, just cannot cd into it

I did an exportfs and it showed the correct permissions

-sec=sys,rw,root=ip address

Any ideas?




To add to my last comment

Did you set nosuid on the mount options ?


How did you mount it, with what options ?


i did

mount 192.xxxx:/vol/volumename /mnt/folder

I did nto set nosuid, not sure to do that

But i figured it out, i had to change security using qtree from ntfs to unix, i am not sure why all volumes by default are set to ntfs, I have to figure that out.  I created another test volume and it did the same thing.

But once I change it using qtree it now works thanks!


on your filer do

options wafl.default_security_style

will tell you ntfs or unix

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