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Welcome to the SnapManager to SnapCenter Transition Community!  We have created this community so that you can ask your questions for the SnapManager ...read more
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Why max snapshot count is 255 for flex volume ? is there any logical calculation on the count ?I was asked in one of the interview - Couldn't give the ...read more
Does name mapping work if I don't mention mixed type  security style ?
I'm testing out a hardened environment with our NetApp and part of that is going to be using the government DISA STIG guidelines for group policies. W ...read more
Hi there, I have a couple of question regarding this topic. Firstly, within one node (controller) there is only one root aggregate, am I right? So, on ...read more
I just upgraded to netapp 9.6 and i would like to use idr to estimate my cold data my problem is that i have a netbackup server that make backup on th ...read more
Hi All. I just wanted to find out if they can make the 'set [mode]' command with the rest of the command into one line of command. We are trying to mo ...read more
Hi team, Hope you can help me. Is it possible to merge capacity license? for example add whole capacity from ONTAP select that will be no longer used ...read more
Hi Guys,   Just want to know if we can collect the output generated from CLI of Netapp cluster mode to either in excel or in csv. I have connected to ...read more
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