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Upgrading disks / Swap out....


Can you use the “disk replace –m” command to swap out disks within in a raid group. I have a customer that wants to swap out 300GB disks and replace them with 450GB disks and once all of the raid group disks have been swapped get the max capacity of the new disks within the aggregate. Can you do this or as anyone done this before…





Thanks for your comments It’s what I thought. I will use the snap mirror option.



Unfortunately, this won't do what you want.  The larger disks will be "rightsized" down to the size of the original smaller disks in the plex.  You'll end up with something similar to wht is shown below:

filer> aggr status -r aggr1
Aggregate aggr1 (online, raid4, reconstruct) (block checksums)
  Plex /aggr1/plex0 (online, normal, active)
    RAID group /aggr1/plex0/rg0 (reconstruction 1% completed)

    RAID Disk    Device    HA   SHELF     BAY    CHAN     Pool   Type   RPM      Used (MB/blks)     Phys (MB/blks)
    ------------ --------- ---- --------  ------ -------- ------ ------ -------- ------------------ ----------------
    parity       0a.19     0a   1         3      FC:A     -      FCAL   10000    68000/139264000    69536/142410400
    data         0c.49     0c   3         1      FC:A     -      FCAL   10000    68000/139264000    137104/280790184

Sorry I agree with Doug.  Is it possible to 'lend' then a shelf and snapmirror {vol copy if no license} and then remove the old shelf?

Hope it helps


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