ONTAP Hardware

2240-4HA Wiregauge Error


I have a 2240-4HA with attached DS4243 shelves and Wiregauge is throwing up an error saying it's an unsupported configuration with IOM3 and IOM6E in the same stack.

OnTap version 8.1RC2

Now to me the DS4243 has IOM3 full stop and the 2240-4HA has IOM6e and it's supposed to auto negotiate otherwise DS4243's wouldn't work with 2240's

Have I hit a bug with OnTap or Wiregauge?

Has anybody else had this issue and got to the bottom of it?



Do you mean WireGauge?


Yes! I've updated the header


Yes, this looks like a missing feature in WireGauge. If you are customer, you can submit feedback. If you are partner, you could try open a ticket on it.

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