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BSAS Spare Disk firmware version showing "4321"


1 of Our storage BSAS Spare Disk firmware version showing "4321", is it suppose to be like this? the rest of the BSAS firmware disks firmware is either NA00 or NA01.

Previously the disk turned to unassigned out of sudden. Then I went to the console to use the "disk assign all" command.

There's another message:

Disk device 0a.00.20: Device returns not yet ready: CDB 0x2f:199bf 000:0480: Sense Data SCSI:not ready - Drive spinning up (0x2 - 0x4 0x1 0x0)(40540).

Anyone can enlighten me on this?



This is related to Bug 622994. The disk in this status are funcional. Next downtime you should restart your FAS and the issue is solved.


It's usually easier to just replace the disk though 🙂

hat's what we do with our customers, they pay a lot of money for NetApp support and replacing a disk every now and then is perfectly fine



The replacement disk could be faulty

run command aggr status -f from the node that owns the disk and confirm.

Also check for an amber light on the disk

It could also be that your disk qual is not up to date


This are the result i get after enter the aggr status -f command

DS-A> aggr status -f

Broken disks (empty)

There is no amber light as well.

Does it mean its alright or going to be faulty?


You need to replace drive showing 4321 firmware. See also http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=529888

You are "lucky" - there was only limited number of these drives

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