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Existing shelves and new Drives


Hi all,

Complete newbie to NetApps here requiring a little assistance if possible....

1) I need to determine if the existing shelves are DS14MK2. How can I do this?

2) do the 1TB disks fit into the DS14MK2 shelves or will I need a new shelf?





By running "environment status shelf"  you will get an output that looks like this:

        Channel: 0f
        Shelf: 6
        SES device path: local access: 8c.95
        Module type: AT-FCX; monitoring is active
        Shelf status: normal condition
        SES Configuration, via loop id 95 in shelf 6:
         logical identifier=0x50050cc0021c9816
         vendor identification=XYRATEX
         product identification=DS14-Mk2-AT
         product revision level=3737


1) The "environment status shelf" command shows a lot of details about the shelves in your system. The line with "product identification" in the output shows the shelf type.

2) SATA drives do not fit in normal MK2 FC shelves, instead you need a DS14-Mk2-AT shelf. Note that you can't mix FC shelves with AT shelves on 1 loop.

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