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FAS 2552 add shelf with encrypted drives


So I have been going back and forth with Netapp and a Vendor of ours.  I am trying to get an answer to this questoion.


I have a 2552 controller with an additional shelf (DS2246) fully populate.  I want to buy an additional ds2246 but with these self encrypting drives i hear Netapp has.


I am being told that I cannot  add tihs shelf if all the drives in the controller and existing shelf are not already populated with these drives.


I am at a loss why I cannot just create a whole new AGGR soley of these encrypted drives?  I do not want to add these drives to the existing AGGR.


Can anyone shed some light on whether this is possible in Data OnTap 8.3.2 p6 or Data OnTap 9


My plan is to move our CIFS shares to have the data encrypted at rest.



Maybe also working for you: upgrade to 9.1 and use software based encryption.


I was told the although my FAS2552 supports Cluster Data On Tao 9.1 it does not support Software Encryption?




In order to have both NSE and non-NSE drives in the same cluster, you will have to have at least a 4-node cluster.  One HA-pair will be non-NSE, and the other ha-pair would be NSE drives.


After that you could then serve both encrypted and non-encrypted data from a single SVM.


You can not mix NSE and non-NSE drives in the same node or ha-pair.  

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