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FAS 2620 - Adding new controller to existing single controller chassis


Hi everyone!


 On my device FAS-2620 with single controller configured before, now i'm adding new controller node B to existing device. All 12 disks already assign to aggr0 an controlling by controller node A.

 So, how can I configure to add new controller and how to reduce disks on aggr0 to re-assign to new controller to create cluster?

 Can you guide to me step-by-step?


Thanks so much.


It sounds like you have only root aggregate. In this case the most simple is to reinstall from scratch with both controllers. You will need to change ha mode in maintenance boot before doing it.


Hi everyone!


 I've configured new single chassis with similar situation. And I saw on my device just only Aggr0 with Vol0 inside. When I created new Aggr1 and tried to Copy or Mode Vol0 to new Aggr1 but failed. I cannot delete Aggr0. So how can I should to do?



FAS2620 is not supported by 7-Mode at all.


Sorry. the use of aggr0 got me to think he talking about 7mode

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


By your description it sound's like a 7-mode system. as the other guy said before. you will need to destroy this AGGR0.

if you do that i would recommend you to re-install the system with Cluster mode (you need to convert the licenses, but it's free).  this way you will not waste 3 disks for the other node root volume. you can benefit a feature called ADP that will save you that space.



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

It’s not possible to reduce aggregate; you would need to evacuate data and recreate aggregate in new configuration.

It may be possible to create temporary aggregate using available spares, move current root, reconfigure root partitions and move root back. This is disruptive procedure and requires fair bit of experience. You may consider asking your supplier if they can implement this expansion.

You will still be left with active/passive configuration, with new controller working as pure hot spare. You would need additional drives to make it actually serve data.
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