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FAS2020 network config with multiple vlan's



I'm new to netapp and i have a problem regarding the network configuration for a fas2020, hopefully i'm in the ringh discussion group

the fas2020 has 2 1gb ethernet interfaces per controller, and i have a network with four vlan's, and i want to access the netapp cifs

share from all vlan's, the share is already added to my domain though i cannot see or access the share except from one vlan, in which

the netapp interfaces are configured. Another problem is that the native vlan, vlan 1 is used troughout the factory (not a good idea but

i cannot change this anymore) and the 3com switches that we use cannot add a tag on a trunk port for vlan 1, so i cannot create trunk ports

and access the share from all vlans. I tried some ideas that i had creating vif's but no change, can anyone point me to a good direction

in how to configure the interfaces so that i can acces the share from all vlans?

Thanks in advance



Hi and welcome to the Community!

I think this should do the trick:

- create one vif (per controller) across both ports

- add all four VLANs to that vif (i.e. the same VLANs you have defined on your network)



Thanks for the response, i've tried what you sugested but it does not work, the state of the interfaces showed up but i cannot

ping any address regardless of the vlan, there's something i'm missing here and i don't know yet what

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